Crane Served Buildings​

Crane served buildings are specialty buildings that are designed to accommodate cranes that lift and maneuver heavy materials or products in a manufacturing process. These cranes can be bridge cranes that span between columns that form a runway, or craneway, jib cranes that cantilever from a column, or monorails that hang from the roof structure. There are many variations in crane setup and arrangement all dictated by the end user’s workflow pattern. These buildings suit a variety of users from automobile manufacturers, oil field service companies, pipe fitting companies and many more. The unique thing about a crane served building is the structure and foundations are designed to not only support the building itself, but also the additional loading from the crane capacity. Crane served pre-engineered metal buildings are common, depending upon the size and height of the crane, and they are generally more economical than a typical steel structure. However, as the crane capacity increases, a conventional steel structure will be your best design option.

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