Active executive participation is a hallmark of Rosenberger Construction’s project delivery approach.



Construction’s practicality and hand-crafted nature combined with the ability to work closely with people attracted Kent to the industry. It proved a perfect fit as he mastered tiltwall construction and pioneered stretching its boundaries beyond industrial and upwards to multiple stories. Through his persistence, clients have benefitted from tiltwall’s ability to compress schedules for multi-story, Class A office buildings and hospitals, as well as churches and other large-volume spaces. Additionally, Kent’s experience with other building types and systems helps lead the company, as its relationships and reputation enables the company to grow. 

Kent’s personal ethics are reflected in the company’s mission to deliver quality workmanship, embrace integrity and offer clients quality projects with competitive pricing while providing fair compensation to subcontractors and suppliers. The design community respects Kent’s collaborative spirit in delivering high-quality spaces at exceptional value.

Steve Salverino, 

Texas A&M University
Bachelor of Science in Building Construction, 1992

 LEED Accredited Professional

Steve oversees Rosenberger Construction’s corporate operations for both Project Management and Field staff. His career spans twenty five years and highlights experience that ranges from Class A office buildings to Industrial, Healthcare, Religious and non-profit projects as well as upscale interior buildout. Steve’s expertise has also enabled Rosenberger Construction to become an industry leader in tilt wall construction.

Steve has an uncanny ability to simultaneously grasp a project’s big picture and determine how each decision impacts cost, schedule and resources. He maintains a boots-on-the-ground presence, visiting jobsites weekly to share his insight and make sure work conforms to the highest standards. His hands-on leadership enables Rosenberger Construction to attract and maintain top construction talent.

Jacob Aswad,
Senior Vice President

Texas A&M University
Bachelor of Science in CONSTRUCTION SCIENCE, 2004

LEED Accredited Professional

The opportunity to perform all project aspects and to cultivate his own client base drew Jacob to Rosenberger Construction in 2007. Jacob’s mental aptitude first led him to pursue civil engineering, but his practical side won out and he found construction a better fit. A passionate builder, Jacob is emotional about building high quality projects and making sure the client is always personally taken care of.  An adept multi-tasker who enjoys wearing multiple hats throughout the workday, he epitomizes the advantages of Rosenberger Construction’s single-source management approach.  

Leveraging his direct experience in estimating and insight into cost trends, Jacob enjoys working with clients to develop early conceptual estimates and budgets and then staying on with the project for a successful completion.  He also enjoys his role in the company training and mentoring assistant project managers as they grow with the company.  Jacob’s expertise ranges from tiltwall warehouse and manufacturing projects to high end, state-of-the-art corporate office buildings.